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Rediscovering the Charm: 2019 Spiel des Jahres Award Winners 🏆

Rediscovering the Charm: 2019 Spiel des Jahres Award Winners 🏆

Rediscovering the Charm: 2019 Spiel des Jahres Award Winners 🏆

Discover the Thrilling Nominees and Winner of the Prestigious Board Game Award

Unearth the excitement of Spiel des Jahres 2019 as we dive into the nominees and the game that emerged victorious, showcasing their innovative gameplay and compelling experiences. 🏆

Our Family's Board Game Journey 🎲

Before our family delved into the world of board games, our gaming repertoire was limited to classics like Monopoly, Sorry, and Uno. But when we gifted our parents Carcassonne in 2017, everything changed. This tile-placing game hooked them with its straightforward rules and ever-changing world. Bernarda, our mother, became a fan of Azul, collecting editions since. It's a testament to the power of the Spiel des Jahres award in bringing families together through engaging, accessible games.

🎉 Now, let's celebrate the magic of the Spiel des Jahres 2019 by exploring the nominees and the winner that captivated the gaming world!

Just One: A Cooperative Party Game for Everyone 🎯

Just One is a cooperative party game that revolves around word guessing. Players provide the guessing player with clues without discussing them, and any duplicate words are removed. The game's simplicity and low difficulty level make it a hit among players of all ages. Just One's magnetic pull draws onlookers in, quickly making them part of the fun.

💬 Jury's Comments: "Just One stands out by creating an incredible magnetic attraction, where every round is a success and a lasting impression is left behind."

Llama: A Speedy Card Game with Llama-Mathematics 🦙

In Llama, players must lay cards of the same number or one higher than the one on the table. When a player lays their last card, others receive minus points for remaining cards. Reiner Knizia's design distills the essence of card-laying games, revealing an enthralling experience that's fun for all ages.

💬 Jury's Comments: "Llama consistently delivers a fun playing experience, giving it the potential to become a classic."

Werewords: A Hidden Role Word Guessing Game 🐺

Werewords combines the hidden role game Werewolf with word guessing. Players ask the mayor yes or no questions to find the secret word and unmask the werewolves. The game's charm lies in its absurdity – werewolves trying to guess a word they already know to keep their identities hidden.

💬 Jury's Comments: "It's amazing how much enjoyment is possible in a five-minute game."

And the Winner is... Just One! 🌟

Just One claimed the prestigious Spiel des Jahres 2019 title, with the jury praising its simplicity, accessibility, and magnetic pull that draws people together for a memorable gaming experience.

🔑 Key Takeaways:

  1. Just One, Llama, and Werewords were the top nominees for the 2019 Spiel des Jahres.
  2. Just One won the award for its simple yet engaging gameplay that appeals to players of all ages.
  3. The Spiel des Jahres 2019 showcased a variety of innovative and captivating board games for families to enjoy.

Experience the best of board gaming from 2019 with Just One and its fellow nominees, Llama and Werewords, and share your thoughts on these games with the gaming community! 🎲👇

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