Get ready for a mind-blowing announcement, folks! The Mind Soulmates is here, and it's the sequel to the award-winning The Mind card game! 🎉😎


Type: Board Games
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Septima: The Arcane Contest for Power and Wisdom 🌿✨

Dive into the mystical world of Septima, where the ancient art of magic breathes life into every herb, potion, and incantation.

For 1-4 sagacious witches aged 12 and up, Septima transcends being just a board game—it's a voyage into a world where only the most adroit and knowledgeable witch can ascend to the hallowed role of the High Witch, Septima herself.

🔮 Weave Your Spells

Gather herbs, concoct potent brews, and use your wiles to heal the townsfolk, as every charm cast could tip the scales of fate in your favor.

🌌 Mystical Might

In the town of Noctenburg, exercise your craft subtly to garner Wisdom, sway opinions, and rescue your brethren from the pyres of trials.

🏆 A Throne Contested

Conduct your rituals and chants with strategic brilliance, aiming not only to outmaneuver your rivals but to win over the spirits that watch over the land.

🎨 Artful Mystique

With hand-drawn artistry and thematic wooden components, every aspect of Septima is a tribute to the esoteric beauty of witchcraft, beckoning players to immerse, compete, and bewitch.

Why Septima Should Enchant Your Collection:
  • 🔥 A Pinnacle of Strategy: A game where cunning planning is intertwined with the risk of arousing suspicion, ensuring a new enigma every session.
  • ✍️ A Touch of Magic: Engage with tactile components that bring your mystical journey to life, feeling the pulse of every strategic placement.
  • 🎖️ An Homage to Heritage: Mindclash Games presents its most accessible title, promising to be a cherished addition to any connoisseur's collection, alongside the revered 2023 Spiel des Jahres honorees.

Prepare to claim your destiny with Septima? Step into the secret world of witches, master the delicate dance of magic and might. Secure your copy now and transform your game nights into an epic saga of sorcery and sagacity! 🌙🎲

Note: This is English Edition of Septima.

👥 1–4
😊 12+
⏱️ 50-100 min

📜 English

⚠️ WARNING: Not for children under 3 years. ⚠️

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