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The White Castle

by Devir
Type: Board Games
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The White Castle: Regal Ambitions in Feudal Japan 🏯🌸

Step into the era of the samurai in The White Castle, where strategy meets the grandeur of Himeji Castle, Japan's most magnificent fortress.

For 1-4 noble Daimyos aged 12 and up, The White Castle is not merely a game—it's a testament to the intricate dance of honor, duty, and cunning that shaped the land under the rising sun. Each decision you make weaves your clan's story in a tapestry of alliances, valor, and subtle power plays.

🏞️ Steward of Serenity

Cultivate the castle's gardens and ponds with a meticulous eye, ensuring that beauty thrives under your clan's care.

🛡️ Sentinel of Strength

Station your warriors along the castle walls, ever vigilant, as they guard the sanctity of the stronghold against all threats.

👥 Courtier's Conquest

Maneuver through the court's complex hierarchy, your sights set on the coveted audience with the Daimio, the ultimate emblem of influence.

🎲 Destiny's Dice

Place your dice with precision across the castle's domains, as each roll can propel your clan toward victory or veer it towards obscurity.

Why The White Castle Belongs in Your Realm of Games:
  • 🔥 Strategic Saga: A narrative where foresight and fortune converge, making each session a unique historical canvas.
  • ✍️ Feudal Finesse: Engage in a tactile conquest of honor and resources, delighting in the depth of every deliberate move.
  • 🎖️ Honor and Heritage: A game steeped in the traditions of feudal Japan, worthy of acclaim and a place alongside the 2023 Spiel des Jahres honorees.

Are you prepared to claim your legacy with The White Castle - Das Brettspiel Fachhandels-exklusiv? Rise to the challenge of leadership and legacy. Secure your copy and transform your table into an arena where empires rise and Daimyos dare to dream! 🌌🎲

Note: This is English-Spanish-Italian-Portuguese Edition of The White Castle.

👥 1–4
😊 12+
⏱️ 80 min

📜 English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese

⚠️ WARNING: Not for children under 3 years. ⚠️

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