Get ready for a mind-blowing announcement, folks! The Mind Soulmates is here, and it's the sequel to the award-winning The Mind card game! 🎉😎


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Trio: A Mesmerizing Quest for Threes, Winner of the As d'Or 2024! 🌳🏰

Step into the enchanting realm of Trio, where strategy and luck blend seamlessly, offering an irresistible urge to play 'just one more round.' Awarded the prestigious As d'Or for the Best Game of the Year in France for 2024, Trio captivates players with its card-driven journey towards victory.

Designed for 3-6 agile minds aged 8 and up, Trio is more than a game; it's a riveting expedition in search of patterns amidst the mystical numbers. Each match, lasting about 15 minutes, is an adventure where recognition and anticipation collide.

🎲 Strategic Harmony

With 36 cards at your disposal, navigate your way through to uncover the harmonious trios hidden within. Achieve numerical mastery by collecting sets of matching numbers or dazzle your opponents by cleverly guessing unrevealed cards, turning anticipation into triumph.

🌀 Intuitive Challenge

At Trio's core is a simple yet profound challenge: reveal a card, read your opponents, and strategically plan your next move. This dance of numbers evolves into a mental ballet, as players strive to discern patterns and make astute decisions.

🏆 Victory Awaits

Triumph by assembling three sets of identical numbers, or seize victory with the coveted set of 7s. For those seeking a more exhilarating challenge, the "spicy" mode allows victory with just two connected trios, adding a layer of strategy that keeps every game thrilling.

🌌 A Fresh Twist with Every Play

Featuring "normal" and "spicy" modes, along with a team play option, Trio guarantees a unique experience every time. Engage in battles of strategy, memory, and luck, where each session is an unparalleled journey into the world of cards.

Why Trio Belongs in Your Collection:
  • 🔮 Endless Engagement: A captivating blend of challenge and strategy, offering infinite replayability and the consistent desire to play just one more round.
  • Cognitive Delight: Sharpen your strategic thinking and memory in a dynamic, fun-filled environment.
  • 🥇 Recognition & Triumph: Excel in the game of numbers, claim your sets, and celebrate the joy of becoming the ultimate Trio champion.

Dive into Trio - A Game of Numbers, Strategy, and Award-Winning Intrigue. Embrace this As d'Or winner and turn your game nights into legendary tales of victories and strategic gambits! 🌟🎴

👥 3–6
😊 7+
⏱️ 15 min

📜 English

⚠️ WARNING: Not for children under 3 years. ⚠️

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